Healed from Food Sensitivities

Food is something we take for granted, myself included, until we suddenly can no longer eat common foods. For about two or three years, I suffered from a sudden and unexpected onslaught of food sensitivities, as my own body violently rejected the nourishment I'd previously eaten with no issues. A food allergy test showed I’d developed an allergy to eggs, pineapple, garlic, corn, kidney beans, coffee, cocoa, sesame seeds, cranberries, and yeast. It seemed those foods were in everything I wanted to eat and liked to eat. My life became agony three-times a day, with every meal. I lived in fear of the pain and eating something my body would react to, then waiting to find out if my body would object. I could no longer eat at restaurants (unless they could customize my order — which wasn't very often), or even share a dinner at a friend's house. I tried a regimented diet with no grains or dairy for 15-months. While it did help, it didn't rid me of the severe cramping, and the other, less desirable side-effects that go along with gastrointestinal distress, every time I tried to go back on any of those foods. For months, I cried out to God, praying that he would lead me and guide me as to what to do, so I could return to eating those foods that I had once enjoyed. I went to a naturopath who put me on some supplements, and I also went to Abundant Life Family Church for prayer when Kevin and Anne Durant were visiting in March of 2018. I had faith and declared I was healed in the name of Jesus. I began thanking the Lord for my healing. I didn't think about it anymore until, one day, I realized I'd eaten some food with garlic in it — with no cramping! I started to get excited, thinking of a life free from pain, to be able to enjoy food again. Little by little, I kept adding the foods I was sensitive to — all, with no adverse symptoms. No cramping. No pain. No fear. Praise God! I AM HEALED! Thank you, Jesus.

- Denna-Rae Quickstad
Beaverton, Oregon