MRI Confirms a Healed Tailbone

Five months ago I was experiencing significant intestinal and tailbone pain; I was overwhelmed with fear, but I believed that God wanted me healed.  I went searching on the Internet for a church that believes it's always God's will to heal, and I found the healing Scriptures on the Abundant Life Family Church’s website.  I printed them out and began reading and confessing them, and I sent in a prayer request as well.  As the church stood with me, believing the report of the Lord that by His stripes I was healed, and as we stood on those Scriptures, we saw a clean report on the colonoscopy and stomach scope.  Two dear women prayed over me and saw my tailbone healed, confirmed by an MRI.  When the MRI revealed a mass in my lower abdomen that the doctor wasn't positive about, we continued to stand on God's Word, I fed on sermons about healing, and believed His report that I was healed.  Further tests revealed the mass was a cyst - God completely neutralized something satan meant to harm me.  I continue to stand with ALFC on the report of the Lord that the cyst will be gone, as with any other thing that satan sends at my body.  Praise God that His Word works and that He is the Healer!  And praise God that there are people and churches that believe what the Word says, that it's always His will for us to be healed!

- K. C.
Corvallis, Oregon