Doctor Confirms: Kidneys Healed

About two months ago I received a blood test report from my doctor which indicated that my kidney function was at or below 30-40%.  I immediately made an appointment with my doctor to determine the cause and indicated treatment for the  problem.  The office called me the day before the appointment to cancel and reschedule.  This continued for two more weeks of canceling and rescheduling of the appointment.  I had talked with Pastors about praying in agreement to heal the problem.  I was also getting irritated that I had not been able to go to the doctor and tell them that "there is nothing wrong with me".  I didn't realize at the time that the devil was trying to get me out of faith and into non-belief.  When I finally went to the doctor and was tested, my statement that there is nothing wrong with me was proven true.  God, in his infinite care, had healed me as we had prayed and kept believing.  I have since had another blood test which reconfirmed the perfect functioning of my kidney.  Faith is knowing in your heart, your inner being, that God can and will do what you are believing for.  Do not let your mind, which can and is invaded by the devil, get you out of believing and trusting in our omnipotent and loving God.

- B. Henson